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Large Elephant Hawk-Moth

If you thought all moths were a dull brown colour and ate holes in your clothes, then think again.  This month you could be pleasantly surprised.  Some of our more dramatic looking moths are on the wing right now.

One of the most colourful species is the Large Elephant Hawk-Moth.  People spotting this moth often tell us they've found a "pink butterfly", and are amazed to learn it's actually one of our native moths.

Elephant hawk-moths fly at night, and if you go out at night with a torch*, you might spot them flying around willowherbs, feeding on nectar.  They frequently turn up in gardens too, where they lay their eggs on fuchsias, a favoured foodplant of their caterpillars.

* Kids, if you go out watching wildlife at night tell an adult where you're going, or better still take your parent/guardian with you.  You might teach them something.

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