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Bird  Mandarin Ducks

Male Mandarin - Photo  Copyright 2008 Daryl Stocker
Photo: Daryl Stocker

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Latin name: Aix galericulata

Size: Grow to around 40cms in length.

Distribution: Found in many parts of England.

Months seen: All year round

Habitat: Ponds, lakes and rivers with wooded banks.

Food: Mostly vegetation. They are also fond of acorns and chestnuts.

Special features: The Mandarin duck is actually a native of eastern Asia, where they are becoming quite rare. The majority of mandarins we see in Britain today are descendents of birds which escaped from private collections in the 1920's.

Click for a better viewThe male (left) is unmistakable, with its vertical chestnut wing feathers, head crest, and flamboyant bright orange collar.

Female mandarin duckThe female (left) looks almost plain by comparison with greyish plumage and white markings around the eyes, like a pair of spectacles.

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