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woodlouse Pill Millipedes

Latin name:  Glomeris marginata

Size:  Up to 20mm

Distribution:  Found throughout most of the U.K.  More frequent in the south and east.  Absent from the north of Scotland.

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Damp, shaded places such as leaf litter and under logs

Food:  Dead plant matter - especially beech leaves

Special features:  The Pill millipede appears quite similar to the Pill Woodlouse, but if you turn it over you'll notice it has many more legs.  There are usually two pairs of legs on each body segment.  Each body segement is dark brown with a cream coloured margin.

When disturbed it can roll its body into an elongated ball shape.  As an extra defence it can secrete fluids to repel predators.

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