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A short video showing a Robin puffing out his feathers and getting priority treatment at the bird table.

When you watch the birds feeding in your garden you'll notice there's always a struggle for dominance going on.  It may look like just a flurry of activity, but if you watch closely you'll see there is a well established pecking order.

Usually it's the larger and stronger birds which get the greater share of the food.  The Great Tits have seniority over the Blue Tits.  The Blue Tits have dominance over the Coal Tits, and the Nuthatches have priority over them all.  For a little Robin competing against the Nuthatches it can be difficult... unless you have a cunning plan!

Checkout this clever little Robin puffing up his feathers every time a Nuthatch comes near.  Notice how he manages to make himself look twice his normal size, and in doing so, gains control of the whole feeding area.  The other birds are forced to wait until he's done eating before they can move in.  As a bonus, puffing out his feathers in this way also helps to keep him warmer while he's feeding.

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