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Wildcat spitting

Less than a hundred years ago Wildcats could be found in many parts of the U.K.  Today, the last few hundred individuals are confined to the highlands of Scotland, and even they're at risk.

These feline beasties have been described as the 'British Tiger', and although there are numerous sightings of other escaped big cats in the UK, these are our last remaining native wild felines.  Sadly, many true Wildcats have interbred with the ever increasing population of feral domestic cats, producing hybrid kittens.  If they continue breeding in this way, true Scottish Wildcats as we know them today could become extinct.

Wildcat showing bushy tail

The majority of Wildcat kittens will be born this month.  There can be up to five kittens in a litter.  They're blind at birth, but have a full coat of fur, and at one week old they're able to hiss and spit at anything which upsets them.


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