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Beaver  Beaver Dam
Posted: 31st August 2008

Beaver Dam - Photo  Copyright 2008 Ben Lee

This is probably the first beaver dam built in the south west for 800 years. It's situated on a two acre enclosure within Escot Park, Devon. It was constructed by a pair of unrelated, wild caught, Bavarian beavers, born in the Spring of 2006. They have set up home in the bank of one of the ponds, and they have a maternity lodge, so hopefully young beavers will emerge later this summer and a family colony will develop over the next few years.

Individuals & small groups are invited to evening beaver-watch sessions at which these largely nocturnal animals provide exciting encounters of what was once a common sight throughout Europe. Contact Escot on 01404 822188

By the way, please don't send me any beaver or beaver dam jokes. I've read every dam beaver joke ever written (many, many times over). Please do not think to yourself "he won't have heard this one" because I will have heard it. Unless you created the joke yourself in the last few minutes, there is a better than ninety nine per cent chance I've already heard it (more than once). Thanks. 

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