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Tree  Beech

Beech Branch - Photo  Copyright 2003 Gary Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley

UK Safari Tip:
Need help identifying trees? Try the colourful fold out chart called "Tree Name Trail" from the Nature Shop - click here

Latin name: Fagus sylvatica

Size: Grows to around 40 metres

Distribution: Found throughout the UK

Flowering months: May. The male and female flowers grow on the same tree.

Special features: The beech has a smooth silver-grey coloured bark. Very often on mature trees you will be able to see the tops of its roots, snaking around the base of the trunk.

In full leaf, the canopy allows very little sunlight through to the ground beneath, and in beech woods you will find very little growing under the trees.

The oval, shiny leaves have a very subtle wavy edge. In autumn the leaf colours change to beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red-brown.

The seeds, known as 'beech mast' fall in September and October. They consist of two triangular shaped nuts encased in a prickly, leathery case, which splits into four sections.

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