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bird Black-throated Divers

Latin name:  Gavia arctica

Size:  Length approx 68cm, wingspan approx 125cm

Distribution:  Found in Scotland all year, and around England in winter

Months seen:  All year round

Habitat:  Found on Scottish lochs in summer.  In winter seen around coast of England and Scotland

Food:  Fish

Special features:  Also known as the Black-throated Loon.  The summer plumage (see photo above) cannot easily be confused.  It has a grey head which continues down the back of the neck.  The throat (as the name suggests) is black with vivid black and white stripes on either side.

The winter plumage is less distinct.  The throat and underside of the neck become white, but traces of the stripes remain on the shoulders.  The underside of the body is white and the upper surfaces are dark grey with alternating dark grey and slightly paler grey stripes along the wings.  Juvenile birds have a more scalloped pattern on the wings.  There is also a triangular white patch of feathers on each flank near the tail end.

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