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Brown Bears

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Scientific name:  Ursus arctos arctos

Size:  Head and body length up to 200cm.  Weight can be up to 250kg

Distribution:  Extinct in the UK

Months seen:  All year round - less active in winter

Life span:  Up to 37 years

Habitat:  Woodlands, especially in mountainous areas

Food:  Roots, berries, seeds, fish and honey raided from bees nests

Special features:  Brown bears are heavily built animals with thick brown fur, long claws, small eyes and rounded ears.

Brown bears became extinct in the UK in the 10th century after years of habitat destruction and persecution by hunters.  Incredibly in some of the few places in western Europe where Brown Bears still survive, they continue to be hunted.

Although similar to the Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis), the Grizzly has a much larger shoulder muscle hump.  The mature adult Grizzly also has silver-grey colouration on the tips of its fur (hence the name Grizzly/grizzled).

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