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Photo Caption Competition
June 2004

Photo: G. Bradley


"The alarm's cut, the dog's asleep...lets move..." - Thomas Kluyver


"Anyone got a tin opener?" - Denise S.

I hate it when I have no can opener!!! - Worldtravelman

"Hey mate can I borrow your can opener?" - Russell H.

"I knew I should have brought the tin-opener" - Wendolene

"Squirrel-proof? Ha, ha.....!! They don't call me 'Houdini' for 'nuttin', you know!!" - Jennifer B.

"Hang on Iv'e got an idea!!" - Janet H.

"Do yu' think me gardens good enough to show at Chelsea?" - Don M.

"That Doctor Who leaves his tardis everywhere" - Vicki P.

" Oops - your dinner's in the dog" - Karen T.

"I think I'll take the stairs" - Claire B.

"Oh damn..." - Mattie B.

Take one more step towards my nuts and ill go flipin nutty at you! Go on i dare you! ooooh you had it now!!!!!! - Hayley T.

"Hey Jo, keep an eye out for them pesky birds" - Joan C.

"Well I hoped the feeder wouldn't have been of the Keep Grey Squirrels off variety!" - Roger G.

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