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Photo Caption Competition
July 2004

Photo: Andy Meads


"Who's he calling the ugly duckling?" - Andy Glover.


"Well... Mom bought alot of milk when I was young??" - Ashley Ryan

"Owl, that hurt!" - "Well I told you to duck!" - Andew Stagg

That's the last time I baby-sit for her. This is the third time she's stayed out all night! - Errick Peterson

I don't give a hoot if you think i'm quackers! - Miles Orton

"What do you mean you're not my mummy? You must be my mummy, you were there when I hatched out!" - Karen Pebody

"This is me with my big brother. You'd love him. He's a real hoot!" - Helen C.

"Don't move over ducky to me" - Esther

"Come back Harry Potter - I didn't really call you four eyes!" - Philip Wright

your not my child - those annoying cuckoo - Ethan Hughes

"I've heard of ugly ducklings, but this is ridiculous..." - Thomas Kluyver

"I've heard of 'the ugly duckling', but this has gone too far!" - Mattie P. B.

"Um...I thought i was the ugly" - Emma Dix

"Pay up der bread or my friend here will get very annoyed...and youse don't want to see him annoyed" - Alec Suttenwood

"We are Orville's stunt doubles - but I'm the clever one, not the Owl." Louise A.

"Auditions are in full swing for Disney remake of 'Twins' " - Linda Kennedy

"I'm not with this guy!" - Mattie B.

"We're fed up with this queuing" - Kate Bradley

"Brothers! What's dad been up to now?" - Alex

"Well this is another fine mess you've got me into Ollie" - Juniper

"I'll get you the money Jabba, I have a fare to the Duckobah system!" - Alastair Brown

"Sorry chick but we are auditioning for the Owl and the Pussycat. NEXT!" - GILL

"Oh but Darrrlings, Ducky here would make a wonderful Pussycat!" - Helen C.

"It's no use fluttering those big 'ol blues eyes at me, I won't be 'Duck a l'orange for anyone!" - Lynn Groves

"You think you're the wisest, Duckie, don't make me 'owl!" - Sheila Martin

"So he looked, And he saw, And he said, DUCK ME!" - DJT

"David Bowies eyes are transplanted into an owl. A passing duck was jealous" - Steven Smith.

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