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Photo Caption Competition
August 2004

Photo: Gary Bradley


"Heh Heh....but did you hear the one about the reed warbler and the water buffalo...." - B.


"You think you're so big" - Thomas K.

"Your not one of us! You must have mad bird disease - go away" - Les A.

"Wanna be in my flock?" - Les A.

"Nose picked while you wait sir?" - Andy G.

"I dare you to even think of pecking me." - Harold G.

"As Edith Piaf said No, No Egrets..." - Brian B.

"OK Buttercup, so how do you make it start ticking?" - T. J. Wright

"Mummy?" - Boe Boe

"Um...ex...excuse me! do you...n..know, where the migrating birds have gone?" - Boe Boe

"Are you Babe the Pig? Oooooo Sorry!!!!!!!" - Angelica A.

"I said, a pint of milk and a packet of crisps, PLEEASE!!" - Marion T.

"You are getting sleepy, sleepy…" - Natalie T.

"You are feeling sleepyyyyyy." - Claire W.

"Excuse me ladies , but can I interest you in a set of encyclopedia's?" - Simon M.

"Look into my eyes .... sleeep, ... sleep. At the click off my beak open your eyes and you'll be able to jump over the moon" - Alex

"You just be carefull when pecking at those flies!! you nearly poked me eye out before." - Roger G.

"Hey are you the pantomime cow?" - Brian S.

"Egrets...I've had a few...but then again...too few to mention..." - Peter B.

"Want me to pick your nose ?" - John T.

"You've been trying to chat up this bird for the last half hour but all I'm hearing is a load of bull!" - Simon B.

"Don't sulk but it's positively me she fancies" - Gill F.

"My Mum always told me to take a Jersey when I went out to play." - David B.

"What do you mean, mind the cow-pat?" - P. Davies

"Hello you two do you speak my language" - Jackie F.

"OK Beaky now take your gossiping elsewhere, you've bored us to sleep!" - Mary L.

"What are you looking at, you fat cow?" - Esther H.

"Um….er……uh……which way to Fresno??" - Debra C.

"Hi, I'm the nose picker." - Raymond H.

"Is this mad cow disease catching?" - Martin B.

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