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Photo Caption Competition
September 2004

Photo: John Turney


"It'll be okay so long as I don't look d... d... down" - Lesley J.


"Me Tarzan" - John T.

"Oooh……don’t look down…….almost there……..don’t look down….ooooooooh" - Debra C.

"I didn't know this was a limbo competition." - Geraldine B.

"Am I a show off or what" - Marjorie R.

"News just in- squirrel makes gold in Olympic Weight Lifting" - Steve G., Nottingham

"When I said I was good on the Parallel Bars I didn't expect to be in Athens" - Andy M.

"Just one more lift and I'm in with a chance for the gold..." - Lesley J.

"Silence please ... , he's concentrating ... , YES, he lifted those weights all the way above his head!!!! We have a winner!!! - Angelica A.

"New for Beijing 2008, this amazing individual gymnastics event" - Thomas K.

"Oh dear! Was it the RED one or the BLUE one I had to cut?" - Carl

"Which one is the Russian judge?" - Philip W.

"I think I need one of those long poles they use in the Olympics to get over this!" - Roger G.

"Well, they said stand up and be counted" - Esther H.

"I go to the Olympic games" - Gie S.

Five, four, three, two, one - HE'S OUT! - Mattie B.

"Some photo shoot - risked my neck coming up the hard way to the 4th floor and now I find I don't even get paid peanuts!" - Lesley J.

"Do I look fat in this outfit?" - Alex S.

"Why don't you listen when I am talking to you?" - Ann L.

"The things I do to get my hands on your nuts" - Brian S.

"Give me the moonlight, give me the nuts, and leave the rest to me." - Liz E.

"This makes a pleasant change from sitting in trees and getting away from the family, my mates thinks I'm nuts." - Gill F.

"WHAT? you don't bury your nuts, they wont be there come spring." - M.S.

"Squat down, 2, 3... and up, 2, 3... Come on, work those thighs!" - Mechéal W.

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