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Photo Caption Competition
October 2004

Click for a better view
Photo: Richard Elliott


"I know I dropped that contact lens here somewhere!" - Mechéal W.


"Good of them to put this perch here!" - John T.

"Considerate people putting up a viewing post" - Doreen H.

"I'm NOT a weapon of Mass Destruction - am I?" - Dennis S. M.

Big Brother is watching You. Naughty Naughty. - Marjorie R.

"Sorry...I no speak the English." - Sue Y.

Honestly officer im just enjoying the view!! -

"I'm just looking, Honest!" - Rex P.

"Give me a rest, wilya? Everywhere I go it says that. How's a body supposed to eat?" - Thomas K.

"Now if I can just turn this sign around..." - Philip W.

"Because they have All Gone" - Angela H.

"I'd like to see you take my fishing licence" - Jon S.

"Here's no plaice for us" - Lesley J.

"So there is a Cod in heaven after all" - Lesley J.

"For you lot...maybe." - Pete A.

"I'm starving - where's that Bailiff gone?" - Ted J.

"Ermmm - did they say left or right for the fishing allowed lake?" - Colita D.

"Here fishy, fishy, fishy... if only I had my fishing rod now!" - Angelica A.

"It's a good job I can read, but I wonder how they know my name is No?" - James L.

"Who's got the plug?" - Gillian J.

"Honestly, I'm just looking!" - Doreen H.

"Doesn't mean me I hope" - Mitch S.

"I see no signs" - Lesley J.

"I was only looking - honest!" - Mattie B.

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