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Photo Caption Competition
November 2004

Photo: G. Bradley


"Sometimes I sit and think, but sometimes I just sit." - Alex S.


"HELP! I'M SINKING!!" - Andy G.

"Humph! This flying lark is harder than I thought!" - Lucille B.

"My engine 'thrush' power has gone" - Gillian J.

"Hey, Mom! I think I'm a Pelican... Because my beak held more than my belly can!" Deborah M.

"I want my Mum!" - Snowy J.

"That's it! I'm not playing ANY more.... Where's my dummy....?" - Denise S.

"I hate road blocks!" - Angelica A.

"If I don't get a beak full of worms right now, I'm gonna sulk!" - Marion T.

Who's eaten my porridge BOO HOO. - Marjorie R.

"I wandered lonely as a cloud and now I'm lost" - Gillian J.

"My bum isssssshh COLD! - see!!" - Dennis M.

Jabba the Thrush - Lesley J.

"Have you seen my mum?" - Joyce B.

"Ok fly they said - but now what ?!" - Sue W.

Life? Dont talk to me about life! - K J Dean

Burppp .... that last snail was tasty ... Lesley J.

"I'll give them pecking order" - Thomas K.

"It's all that kissing under the mistletoe that does it" - Gillian J.

"Come here and call me Spot" - Lesley J.

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