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Photo Caption Competition
December 2004

Photo: Dean Stables


The line dancing class was particularly popular with the geese. - Marion T.


".... and stretch ..." - Kay B.

INCOMING! - Andrew S.

"Where?" - Natalie T.

"Get ready to fly, last one is a turkey." - G. Johns

"isn't about time they rang that dinner bell? " - Derek L.

Last one in's a chicken! - Carol C.

"If we stand on tiptoe, no-one will know we are not geese!" - Perry L.

"The funny-looking Egyptian geese, Officers? They went THATAWAY!" - Ellen F.

"You Greys could easily come to Canada with us if you like - air fares are cheeper nowadays!!" - Dennis M.

"Ok Sal….don’t do anything stupid and we’ll just blend in with the rest of these turkeys!!" - Debra C.

"Waddya mean we've BEAN geese?" - Martin S.

"Nothing to see here, move along please" - Thomas K.

"Take the picture like this, Jeeves, this is our best side"! - Ellen F.

"They're opening the doors for the sales, girls" - G. Johns

"Evenin' All! Hallo, hallo, hallo, what's this then?" - Andy S.

"Cyril! Cyrilllllll!! - I told you this wasn't the way to the Mallard convention - this is the goose convention" - Kim V.

"Is it tea time yet?" - Brian S.

"Is this a photo call?" - Marjorie R.

"And they're off, the greylag first, the egret second followed by the swan, and now they're all neck and neck" - G. Johns

"Fancy a gander girls?" - Sue Y.

"They say what's sauce for the Goose is good for the Gander, but that is just far too saucy!!!" - Sue W.

"Hey you guys on the pond come here and have a gander at this." - Gill F.

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