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Photo Caption Competition
January 2005

Photo: G. Bradley


"I know he's your brother, but does he have to come everywhere with us?" - Carol C.


"I told you we should have gone to the south of France" - Sarah G.

Orville and Preen chat to fan before performance - Linda K.

"Right, so you say Roger here was dabbling in forces he couldn't possibly comprehend and then this happened?" - Alastair B.

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother!" - Richard N.
"Okay lads, who's going to go first?" - Calvin B.

"Look, we've found a mirror. Do I look pretty or what?" - AA

"You stick with me and you'll be alright! - Stuart M.

"Ee wash told there wash a River Dance - ye cana dansh on this!!" - Dennis S. M.


'So who's idea was it to shop at iceland's' - Gillian J.

D'you know girls, I've had a warmer welcome at the Russian front.' - G Johns

'Is this what you meant, lets go as a 'Freeze-some?' - G. Johns

No sir, certainly not! You look like a very slippery customer! - Perry L.

"And he calls himself a friend..., a true friend wouldn't steal your girl." - Dean S.

"Very flattering, but if you turn your head round you will see my mate..... and he's not looking to happy" - Gill F.

"did you let the plug out?" - Angela L.

"Who's an Ugly ducklin ? Not US." - Brian S.

"Do you think we will be on strictly come ice dancing." - Marjorie R.

"Well, so much for miracles! How about next time, we see if we can part the water?!" - Katharine P.

"Well Nora - I always said Jesus was a duck" - Debbie W.

"He said M'lord not M'lard - there's no fat on me m'dear" - Sue W.

"Your walking on thin ice talking like that matey boy" - Andy M.

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