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Photo Caption Competition
February 2005

Photo: Andy Meads


Having successfully transformed himself into a bird, amazed reporters pressed Fred for the secret behind his new invention, but to no avail. His poker face was so much more effective in avian form. - Robin M.


"Great stag night... now don't panic... just get my bearings and fly home" - Gill F.

"We wanna make you more at home they said, I thought they meant build me a nest!" - Sue W.

"Are you ready? right after me, 'Owl now brown cow" - G Johns

listen to the wise young owl - mecmedia

"Oww L et me have a go, please???" - Denise S.

"I am too cute to learn and too tired to care." - A.A.

"On a scale of one to ten, how cute am I?" - Pat

"Would you like to play this game with me?" - Marjorie R.

"owl's about another lesson in flying then" - Gillian J.

"Some say that my dad was a bit of a fly by night." - Gillian J.

"Say cheese? - I hate the stuff" - Leona P.

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