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Photo Caption Competition
April 2005

lick for a better view
Photo: G. Bradley


Erika, young and good looking with GSOH seeks like-minded individual for a good time, preferably keen outdoors type. Hobbies include eating, walking and garage / gangsta rap. - Al B.


"A large coke and a bacon sandwich, please." - Benjamin S-H.

"Wow man, this is good grass!" - Danielle B.

What!?! They want to clone me?!? - Debra C.

"That's it, my next master is not going to be a chimney sweep!" - Alec S.

This young sheep has just found out he is santa and can go down chimneys!!! - Amber D.

This sheep has just descovered the mystery of chili peppers! - Elizabeth F.

" Who are EWE looking at ?" - Andy M.

"Does my bum look big in this?" - Jon

"I know....I know - black sheep of the family ent I EWE too!" - Sue W.

"I wish the tar sprayers aimed better!" - Dave H.

"yeah, yeah - bah, bah black sheep, that's what you're thinking isn't it??" - Elaine

"What are the words again? Baa Baa Black Sheep!" - Carol C.

"BAAAA, you can't come into my field." - Marjorie R.

"Oi've got a bad knee, so I stops by the side of the road for a rest an' when I wakes up they've give me this 'ere ticket, 'cuz I wuz on double yellow lines." - Tony W.

"You can look down your nose at me all you like, offside I said and offside you were!" - Carl GWOTQM

"Who's nicked all my wool!" - Brian S.

"I'm the black sheep of the family." - Brian S.

"When I'm calling ewe-o-o-o" - Natalie T.

"Ewe want summat?" - Denise S.

"Why is it always baa, canít we just say hi!" - Nick P.

"Hi im Bob will you please feed me I'm cold and hungry." - icegirl

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