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Photo Caption Competition
May 2005

Photo: G. Bradley


Bird to rabbit: "Go on... Flap 'em and see what happens." - Waynstar


"Hey Bunny I'm home" - Jay Thompson

"Get off my land!" - John B.

"One more step, buddy, and I'm going to be absolutely hopping mad..." - Thomas K.

"Forget spring I've got a headache" - Jon S.

"Tell me. What's a bird like you doing in a field like this?" - Dawn L.

"If she's charging up here thinking I'm going to mate her too she's greatly mistaken...I have enough to do with mrs Bugs as tis." - Sue Wr.

Would you believe it - these are small eggs!!! - Dennis M.

Roger the rabbit, was determined to make a dumb bird trespassing on his territory, think that his tail was edible. - Nick P.

"Just two more steps & just watch me make him hop-it". - Roger S.

"Do you fancy a game of tiggy." - Marjorie R.

Yikes! ... I'm out of here. They told me the grass was greener on the other side but nothing about the keeper. - Alex

Must be a Sex Change !!! - Barbara D.

"If i can just catch the rabbit and put it on my head, from a distance it will look a hare (hair)." - Dan & Sian

"Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run!" - Nikki M.

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