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Photo Caption Competition
July 2005

  Photo: Andy Meads


"Can I have cornflakes instead?" - Sally M.


"But, I don't want to learn to swim" - Angela H.

"WOW £5,000,000 prize for the first one to fly -
better start eating my weetabix!" - Shirley

"But I DID eat 4 - now I can't sit down" - Foston Admin

"I can eat three of these." - Marjorie R.

"Pass the hot milk please" - Beryl L.

"We CAN eat more than two!" - Tracey G.

"I said pass......... THE TWEETABIX" - Jay T.

Not Wheetabix, I said I wanted a Tweetybix - Sue B.

"I ordered tweet-a-bix not weet-a-bix!" - Linda L.

" I thought it said Tweetabix in the shop" - Christine R.

"No no way am I eating that even if it was called Tweetabix,give me a worm any day. You with me on that guys? Yeeeeaaaaah. Gill F.

Not another caption about Tweetabix! Ha-Flippin-Ha! - Louise C.

"After hearing that he’d won first prize, a startled Derek contemplated where to put the 28 inch plasma screen TV and surround sound speakers." - Madeleine P.

Frogs don't have a monopoly on advert songs, y'know. I'll start: "Tweet..." ... - Mark L.

"I heard that if you eat three of them Tweet-A-Bix things at a time you can swim like a Duck!" - Dennis M.

"Thanks Mum, but we still prefer the Worms". - ?

"Please mum, tell Tweety to let me have this weeks Weetabix box, you know I never win anything, and I'm more athletic than him." - Bryony W.

If it's got to be cereal can we have some more flies with it. Tony C.

"Mummy says you are what you eat ... does that mean I'll grow up to look like a bald headed goggle eyed swimmer?" - Alex S.

"MOMMY?????????" - Val W.

"What 5,000,000 free meals between 5 of us erm let me think thats 1,000,000 meals each" - Lisa

"If you don't hurry back Mum, we'll have to break-fast into the larder!" - Chris J.

Have you had your weetabix? - Brian S.

"This bulk-buying that Mum’s into is getting out of hand - still, at least they’re not loo rolls" - Jan H.

"Mum, if we eat these do you think we will grow up to be Pteranodons?". - Julian S.

"Win £5,000,000 birds if you can feed them all for three weeks on... WEETABIX then you can really see how fast a bird can fly away" - Steven M.

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