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Photo Caption Competition
October 2005

Photo by Pat Bird
Photo: Pat Bird


Tip no 37: Applying Super Glue to the perch can be invaluable for close-up photos - Terry H.


"How long is it before the superglue wears off?" - Pete W.

"Is that another flippin' TV film crew?" - Angela L.

"Right. No warbling, we'll take it from the top with an E". - Beryl L.

"Well, children we've done the U.K. safari now for the African one!" - Trevor G.

"Why is he always so distant? Does he still believe in apartheid"? - Floris C.

"Hey have i got B O" - Brian S.

Even his best friends could'nt tell him, including his bird, that he has b.o. - Anita D.

"e don't know 'is left from 'is right, ne'er mind 'is north from 'is south" - Mary L.

"Who are you looking at?" - Cyberbarn9

"Did Martin really swallow that?!" - Phillip T

"What do you want to do? ", I dont` Know ! " What do you want to do? " - Safewings

3rd bird in photo : "Excuse me mate, but could I sit next to you, as these two are hogging all the space!" - Nick P.

"Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else." - Alexsansone

"Who's going to tell him he's stepped in something on the way in here, and it is a confined space that we're in." - Denise W.

"OK, know it all, so who's this Pat Bird." - Sheila F.

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