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Photo Caption Competition
November 2005

Photo: Kelvin Dean


"Must stop eating bread pudding". - Alfred G.


Playing hide and seek with the fish was not as much fun as he'd first thought it would be! - Paul R.

"Brrr... this water is cold!!! I hope I don't catch the flu." - Floris C.

"I don't know about Bird Flu, but I'll catch pneumonia if I stay in here much longer. - Andy M.

" didn't come up this far on the ducks!" - Alec S.

"So this is global warming" - Tony W.

"That feels better - chuck me a towel" - Gill J.

"What shall I do now... sink or swim?" - Joan C.

"Well! I can't spit in the eye of the fish" - James McG

"OK, so I'll remember, remember the 5th of November!!" - Dennis M.

"Waterproof feathers my ass" - Jon S.

"Pull the plug out someone!" - Mary L.

"OK I suggest the tallest leads the way in case the water gets any deeper" - Beryl L.

"Right who has pinched my water wings?" - Gillian J.

"I was sure my legs were longer than that!" - James T.

"I'm sure that it didn't say "Deep end", I only came in for a paddle!"
from Phillip Tricker

"If you had piles you would be standing in cold water, it soothes the pain." - Gill F.

"Do I look stupid or what?" - Gill F.

"They said it would only come up to my knees.... I hope I don't get my lovely new hair-do wet." - Diana L.

"Does my beak look big from this angle"? - Christine R.

"Oh dear. I think that was one drink too many - the world has gone all wobbly!" - Rosie H.

"Oh no! They told me this was the shallow end!" - Jack L.

"I was on my way to the bank,when I got caught in this shower!" - Heather W.

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