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Photo Caption Competition
December 2005

Photo: Andy Meads


"You've be eating those mice from the steroid factory again haven't you?" - Roy G.


When his mates told him they could set him up on a blind date with a bird this wasn't what he had in mind. - David B.

"That's the last time I go speed dating." - Nigel M

"YO! HO! HO! Am I supposed to think all me Christmases have come at once? You last on the planet or summat?" - Sue W.

"Can I have an outfit like yours?" - Marjorie R.

I distinctly told you not to swallow my light sabre! - Nigel M.

"TEN-SHUN! Insubordination will not be tolerated! One month's pay
suspended! Dismissed." - Thomas K.

"Feed the birds" they said; "tuppence a bag"... - David B.

"OK!----you Tawny - me Johnny!!" - Dennis S. M.

"So this is what evolution has come to...?" - Abby H.

"Take me to your leader" - Linda K.

"Take me to your leader" - Barbara F.

"stuff that? I'm going vegetarian!" - Alec S.

"Who are you pointing at shortie?" - Alex

"Some identity parade this is! - Nigel M.

"Don't point that arm at me, it might go off" - Jacky

"Dr. Livingstone I presume?" - Arthur D.

"You put your left arm in, your left arm out...." - Sue Y.

" The person who put that toy man there can't fool me. I am a wise old owl,perhaps he didn't know that, more fool him." - Gill F.

"Now look. Let's be sensible about this, neither of us has shoes on" - Beryl R L.

"If he thinks he is going to get out of this, with just a handshake, well hes got another thing coming!" - Nick P.

"Owl" do you do? I'm just looking for my shoes, then I will be out of here in a "Flash"!! - Floris C.

"I come in peace!" - Arthur D.


"So you-whoo must be Plastic Bertrand" - Nigel M.

Don't get moody just because rock beats paper. You knew the rules before you started playing. - Jodie H.

"Do you-whoo really expect an owl to play 'One potato, two potato'?" - Nigel M.

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