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Photo Caption Competition
January 2006

Photo  Copyright 2005 Bob Ball
Photo: Bob Ball


"Okay who forgot to grit the runway again!!!" - Neil J.


"No... I said I do a good impression of Orville... not Jane Torville!" - Rachel B.

"Don't panic mate, I'll get you out of there!" - Judith S.

"That was one helluva party" - Dawn F.

"Where's my pond gone?" - Danny F.

Not content with the 'Dead parrot sketch', Monty Python continued the animal theme with a sketch involving a duck from the Ministry of silly walks! - P. Davies

"If I don't practice ice skating more, I might loose more than my cool". - Floris C.

"Yikes, I heard there's a shortage of Christmas turkeys this year!" - Sherry M.

Yep, I'm a handsome guy, I will have no trouble finding a mate. - Gill.F.

Mirror mirror on the wall... - Gill.F.

"Who said I was no Torville and Dean?" - Brian S.

"Mallard - Double-O Mallard at your service." - Louise A.

"Hello Gorgeous" - Marjorie R.

"What was I drinking last night?" - Addaweb

"Do you come here often?" - David B.

"I'm still wearing these new shoes in" - Tracey G.

"If I could find a partner I am sure I could do really well in Strictly Come Dancing" - Mike C.

"Torvill - will you ever get this move right - where ARE you?" - Rosie Hill

"Does my belly look big in this??????????????" - Lesley L.

"Oh nice ! 10 pints of stella at the crimbo do and then your legs stop working damn!!!!!!!!!!" - Paul M.

"Slipping Over The Water" or "Diving "Ducky" - Alice M.

"oh 'eck, she'll never believe I was only ok Tonis Water." - Roger S.

"Ooooooooh dear. Dignity is about astray" - Beryl L.

(screams) i didnt realise eating so many leftover crumbs from christmas could make me this fat.
Lisa M.

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