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Photo Caption Competition
February 2006

Photo: Tony Lane


Otterly De-Feeted - Tony W.


"Anybody got a tooth-pick?" - Melinda P.

"Come on now, that wasn't a fair fight, you caught me with my pants down" - June C.

"C'est la vie" - Beryl L.

A new symbiotic relationship was discovered when this photo was taken. The otterswain duck chick was seen to enter teh otters mouth and de-scale it's teath using a specialised bill tip. The otter was happy, with his clean and fresh smelling breath while the duckling got a fish to go. - Louise A.

"Oh eating on the run again" - MidgeI

Kermit discovered the real reason it's not easy being green. - Emma B.

"Are you sure you're a dentist?" - Les A.

"While I'm in here I'll just check these fillings at the back" - Angela W.

"Lunch on the run AGAIN" - Rosie H.

"These would have tasted better, a bit hotter!" - Heather W.

"I am really getting into these bush tucker trials!" - Heather W.

"I guess they'll make another 'feet'ure of my eating habits" - Gillian J.

Nothing de' feets ' this preditor - Gillian J.

(echoing voice) 'I thought they shouted 'Watch out - it's hotter!'' - Mary L.

'Tarka the terrible' - Tony M.

"Help! Put me down" - Marjorie R.

"Mmmmmm maybe a touch of garlic next time" - Christine R.

"I always like a nice bird. The feather dress gives me indigestion though!" - Neil J4

Handsome Olly never has trouble picking up the chicks! - Carole L.

Take a walk on the wild side - Chris D.

"Mmmmm tastes like chicken" - josh c.

The otter craftily suggested to his naive buddy that the inside of his mouth was a great hiding place in their game of hide & seek! - DaviesJ

No, the legs were just too much...."I'm an Otter...Get me Out of Here!" - Rachel B.

Tarka found himself quite cross-eyed. Usually Frog did NOT kick him in the face just before the photo shoot. Hang on a sec.... thats not Frog. Tarka spat out the bemused canary, "sorry mate! thought you were a frog" "A frog? me? I'm a direct decendant of the canary custard creams me! We are insulted"
Tarka chuckled at the pompous canary as it wandered away - Bryony W.

Florina M. decided to send a modified version of the photo rather than a caption. Make-your-own-game-up-time!

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