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Photo Caption Competition
March 2006

Photo: Charmain Hall


"Dam those low bridges" - Rob T.


"Don't you just hate it when you wake up with a crick in your neck" - Kim V.

"I've gotta see a doctor about my neck and...oh, hey, a hula-hoop" - Neil A.

"I see you baby, shakin' an ass..." Audrey P.

"There goes that satellite over head again!" - Cyberbarn

"There, I told YOU I was colour co-ordinated. Class pure class." - Carole C.

"Can I get some help here; Iím starting to feel a bit queasy" - Nick P.

"...and stretch 2, 3" - Christine R.

"I think I lost my head over that bird!!" - Floris C.

"I feel that these pilates exercises are going just that bit too far!" - Elizabeth W.

"Did i ever mention... I HATE pilates" - Abby H.

"Iím really not sure about this yoga malarkey" - Natalie T.

" Last time I go to yoga ..." - lvjulian

"Wow, this yoga is so relaxing" - Rosie O.

"I don't think this yoga is all it's cracked up to be!" - Marilyn T S.

Yoga classes not quite working out, eh Fred? - Katherine. I. S.

"OK, OK .... Right foot blue", they sniggered.  - Rachel B.

"Who put that rock there?" - Louise A.

Dimwun practiced every day to fulfil his dreams of becoming a rubber chicken in the circus. - Kate H.

"Canít flip, just a bit more..." - Chantal B.

"I'm looking backwards for Easter" - Edward C.


"How else do I impress her?" - Beryl L.

"Us birds we bend over backwards for you photographers" - James T.

"Don't you get a strange view from here. I told you I'll bend over backward for you - Ian D.

"I bend over backwards for you and this is how you treat me?" - Neil J.

"Look at that baby go. I've just got to get a set of afterburners" - Ian H.

"Does my bum look big in this?" - Debra W.

"Fancy a "shag!" - mandy keay

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