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Photo Caption Competition
June 2006

Photo: Shona Turnbull


Tom, Dick and Sally's threesome was spoilt when Tom let rip - Grant.


You wait for ages and then, three come along at once! - Sylvie N.

"Typical! You wait ages for a frog, then 3 turn up at once" - Steve K.

Come on the rest of you guys, join in the conga we have something to celebrate. Lets party. Gill F.

Lets all do the conga, La la, la la la conga, La la conga, Lets all do the conga - Beryl L.

"If you hadn't decided to eat all that food yourself, you wouldn't need your mates to push you across the pond!" - Sherry M.

"Is this the back of the queue?" - Mary Y.

This must be what they call a Triple Whammy! - Neil J.

There were three in the bed and the little one said "ewww it's all sticky" - Debbie W.

"Dah dah dah dah, dah dah dah dah, come on do the conga" - Debbie W. 

"Go to work on an egg!" - Deb S.

"So, if you double park you get clamped, like this ,and then you get toad away!" - Patrick F.

"Can we do this to music please" - Gillian J.

"This month we get an amazing sneak preview of George Bush's Brain!" - Ryan T.

"Toad the line please" - Abner G. B.

Frog on bottom: "Boys, I think your getting a little bit too big for mommy's back now." Kalia C.

"And here, captured for the first time on camera, we can see just how fast the rare 'LittleBig' toad grows to maturity" - Grant

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