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Photo Caption Competition
July 2006

Badger Photo  Copyright 2006 Carole Mason
Photo: Carole Mason


Bill Oddie shame! Former comedian photographed in costume on the set of his next 'badger spotting' series. - Grant


"Not bad ! Could do with a little more jam!" - neilj4

Dan Brown reveals new conspiracy theories and what he believes to be the truest image of the last supper. - Rachel B.

"Well really! someone has scoffed all the best bits and left me the marmite!" - Angela M.

Hey, I didn't fall asleep did I? Where did everyone go? Who drank my beer? - Jennifer

The party in the park has finished so I will just hoover up for them,this job does have its perks. Gill F.

Bodger had yet again gone out on the razzle, and left badger to find his own tea - Columbo

Oh no, not marmite sandwiches they are disgusting all this effort for nothing ,and the bread is stale. Its not my night. - Gill.F

"Why the hell did I let myself get badgered into posing for this photo, and for what - a cheese sandwich, and no mayonnaise" - Tanya E.

"Eating like there is no tomorrow"- Rainier Kurt E.

"Hope I'm not too early for Brock-fast" - Colin P.

"Do they have to put so much garlic on it!" - Joy W.

"Don't blame me, that's what they get for leaving their supper un-attended!!!" - Debbie N.

"a bit more peanut butter wouldn't go amiss mate!" - Lesley L.

Absent-minded Brock had remembered to bring the sandwiches but he'd left the flask of tea on the kitchen table - HJ Bowden

Well it's better than bloody worms. - Jack A.

"Wonder what Bodger has done with my usual mashed potato?" - Dianne J.

WHAT NO JAM ! - Barbara D.

"These sandwiches are good but I wish Brock would hurry up with the beer" - Dave T.

'A crusty treat for crusty brock' - Maria B.

Paparazzi shoot exclusive sneak peak at star of live action version of "The Wind in the Willows" - Grant

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