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Photo Caption Competition
August 2006

Photo: Joy Travisano


First successful offspring of duck and ostrich cross-breeding drowns in unfortunate incident. - Grant


"I thought medallions were supposed to be cool!" - Chris N.

More recruits needed to complete synchronised swimming duck team for 2012 Olympics. - Grant

"I don't think I've quite got the hang of this pool dancing lark" - John J.

"Ducks my bum look big like this?" - SteveK.

"No really, does my bum look big in this" - Michael H.

Diving Duck.......My arse!! - Pam H.

Headless duck sightings prompt fears over river pollution levels. - Grant

The Parson's Knows!! (Nose) - Pam H.

"BUMS UP' or 'EYES DOWN' - Jan B.

And here was me thinking that a ducks a**e was a rockers hairstyle - you live and learn... - Maggie B.

"No you can't take my photo. I'm having a bad hair day." - Grant

"What was that flash of light? Oh no not a photographer taking a picture of me. What a bummer!" - Gill F.

Thinks. Yep the guys were right it is very shallow here . I can hear them all laughing at me. - Gill F 

"I know it's there somewhere" - Beryl L.

"Well, you did want to photograph my best side." - Grant

"Hello my name is bob, and I'm blind in one eye can you help me find my water bill!" - Richard J.

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