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Photo Caption Competition
September 2006

Photo: Bob Ball


"Don't just stand there, do something interesting!'" - Jenny B.


"You spent how much on those platform boots?!" - Steve M.

"How much! I thought you said it would be cheep" - Emma B.

Not mouse again!" - Angela L.

"Crikey, did you see that?" - Sandra C.

"Are you going to sulk all day?" - Gill F.

"You are standing on my foot" - SteveK.

"But, Muuuuum..." - James D.

"How come we always get lost when you're navigating?" - Beryl L.

"So she didn't fancy you, get over it. There are plenty of other birds who would love to be your be your mate". - Gill F.

"Now, son - he' s taking an artistic profile shot, so strike a pose!" - James D.

"Everybody DUCK!, they're throwing bread at us again." - Christian M.

"I didn't have three squirrels, mum, I would have remembered." - Michael S.

"No! And this mouse had no fur or whiskers? And its tail was attached to some kind of machine? What are we gonna do for dinner now?" - Linda F.

'What do you mean you swallowed it! That was meant to be for me! - Farah A.

"Are you going to sulk all day?" - Gill F.

"So she didn't fancy you, get over it. There are plenty of other birds who would love to be your be your mate." - Gill F.

The birdworld's answer to Simon Cowell seems unimpressed by the latest hopeful to audition for 'The Eggs Factor' - Rachel B.

"You cameramen should get a 'bird's eye' view." - Ricardo

"'Scuse me! Can you get your big claws off my wing feathers!" - Anne W.

"Can you see if mums coming with the grub?" - Anne W.

"I'm not getting into a flap!" - Linda N.

"Just stop whingeing, and look over there!" - James D.

"Hey! Gertrude. So would you be paying for our five star luncheon then?" - Maleen M.

"My mother was right about you! She said you'd be out flying around, while I'm stuck here trying to build a safe nest for the kids." - Louise C.

"If you think your view is bad, you want to see it from this side." - Jenny D.

"Who are you calling Henpecked?" - David T.

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