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Photo Caption Competition
October 2006

Photo: Jackie Beer


"Me Mum says I'll grow into it!" - Perry L.


"I must get a Duvet". - Ron B.

Thank heavens gran knitted the jumper with the prickles on the outside - Lesley J.

"...and this is my impression of a Sweet Chestnut" - Tony W.

Bill Odies persistent suggestions of playing conkers with him were starting to worry the rest of the BBC Team - Lt. Columbo

"Self made cot...ultimate comfort with unrivaled protection" - Claire A.

"Could have somebody's eye out that!" - Brian C.

"I feel all (t)horny today.." - Varun S.

"I repeat- this is not a bed of nails" Beryl L.

Ah ... that sweet chestnut shell makes a perfect cradle for junior ... - Lesley J.

" to get out of this flippin' conker!" - Helen V.

"A Young Conker" - SteveK

If you didn't know better, you'd think i was the outer shell of a conker. - Kay W.

"Baby Sonic was a mere 5 hours old yet arguments had already started over who was going to have to tell him he was adopted" - Lt Columbo

"I think I'll get some sleep. Please turn out the light when you leave." - Noel A.

No, YOU pick him up - Blulu, UK

I thought they used soft flannelette to swaddle babies, not prickles! - Jennifer S.

"Am I really related to a horse chestnut? I must be conkers." - Gillian J.

"Mum, did you steal this skin from a chesnut, I look like a conker." - Tanya E.

"I'm going to the fancy dress party as a horse chestnut!" - Rosie O.

Henry's mother may have been taking precautions for the new volley-ball team a little too far. - M.Bolton

"Firstly, the sky is not going to fall on or heads, and secondly, how am I supposed to play football in this mum? I don't need the spikes!" - M.Bolton

Here's the reason hedgehog mothers giving birth wake you up at three in the morning. - David T.

I'm really a softie. - Linda Nathaniel

I must have missed that wake-up call. - Pat Nathaniel

"You're Going to put me into what kind of new child seat"? - Peter W.

Gosh I feel so hot and itchy I think I have pricky heat. Gill F.
If that short sighted bird sits on me one more time I will have to tell it I am not a nest. Gill F

"Mama, I'm sorry, can I come out of the naughty room now?! - Joan P.

"I blame my ancestors. I mean, what can you do with hair like this?" - Joan P.

I only wish these dam fleas would sleep has well.!! Brenda M.

I'm all tucked in and ready for a very spiky sleep! - Linda L.

Hmmm, Sea urchins make good beds! - Neilj

"I said it wasn't a conker" - Christine R.

"Shall we call him Spike?"
"Don't be daft, that's not going to win any caption competitions". - Lt. Columbo

"Once again Mr Magoo had been placing his pins in a baby hedgehog, more worrying though he's been feeding peices of bread to his pin cushion" - Lt Columbo

"wow, it's going to take a fair while to grow into my skin" - Claire A.

Henry may have been taking his mother's suggestion of 'gelling his hair up' a little too far. - M.Bolton

"Help, I'm sinkiiiinnnngggg!" - Claire A.

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