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Photo Caption Competition
November 2006

Photo: Elizabeth Close


"And when I've finished, you can give me back my hat!" - Graham J.


"Mum said Dad may have the antlers but she definitely wears the trousers." - Lesley J.

"Come on its just role play, I'll be the Stag" - Oliver H.

"Are you really sure this is the best way for Derek to learn about sex education?" - Lt. Columbo

"Deer roe deer!!!!!!!!" - DaveT.

C'mon lover don't pay any attention to her, just look at the lovely bambino we have already made. My turn to be on top. - June D-S.

"Now what do I do?" - Judith B.

Once again mum staggering out from the pub with dad giving her a piggy back home - Gill F.

A deer on top of a deer with a deer. - Jay P.

"Son, Don't look! Mums been taking the special grass again!" - Craig U.

Hey, I'm the man around here! - Liz F.

"Darling, Not in front of the children!" - Alan S.

"I knew I would be no good at leap frog!" - Julie H.

"I don't think this 'leap deer' will ever catch on." - Nicki B.

"How am I supposed to leapfrog with those antlers in the way?" - Sue B.

"Thank goodness you have just removed the last flea from my back!" - Linda L.

"Do You remember now Deer?" - Val C.

"Look, my deer hind, I don't want to be critical, but this just isn't working for me" - Joan P.

"Don't you think this is taking the equal rights issue just a bit too far." - Chris N.

'WHO wears the antlers in this relationship?!' - thanks, holly finesilver

"shouldn't we be the other way round." - fishfryer

"I will try and pretend nothing is going on behind me, parents can be so embarrassing." - Gill F

"Please, not infront of the kid deer" - Lt. Columbo

We could get stuck in the RUT, try this one, fishfryer

"The UK Safari conga line attempt still had some way to go if it was to beat the world record" - Lt Columbo

"It's ok for you but I've had a hard day rutting - I've got a headache". - Chris N.

"Sod this for a game of hide and seek" - Brian C.

"Female Rule" - Keith.

She's been up in arms all week about something. - Gillian J.

"Take his name Wilson, Stupid boy" - Peter G W.

"He really should have gone to Specsavers" - Peter G W.

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