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Photo Caption Competition
December 2006

Photo: Brenda Mansell


"Is this the way to Amarillo" - Steve


"My mother knitted it for Christmas". - Dave T.

"-What's that you're standing on?
-I call them my feet!" - Lt. Columbo, Newcastle.

" Don't suppose you've seen that crocodile today, Have you ?" - Peter K.

"I was here first so you can scoot off cootie" "I came to tell you that your partner has flown off with another bird,and she is very beautiful. Have a good day" Thinks.Thats ruined her day and I feel very smug and happy. - Gill F.

"What do you mean,'GERROFF!'. - Neilj.

"Does my bum look big in this?" - Brian C.

"Hey George, come into the water!"
"Nah, I'm all white thanks" - Stephen H.

No way! I found it first! Now nick off and find your own partially submerged, mutilated, decomposing goat’s corpse!!! - Mark and Jackie

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