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Photo Caption Competition
January 2007

Photo  Copyright 2006 Bob Ball
Photo: Bob Ball


"Uuuugggghh! New Year Parties? Never again!" - Lisa H.


"It's no good Doris, we need a bigger dark room...!!! " - Robin W.

Let's see, I know I put my keys somewhere here last night after the New Year's Eve party! - Jennifer S.

"He he he, he'll never find me here" - Magic dragon

At last Rusty was safe. No predator would be able to spot him now. - Mark G.

"O.K. ..Who nicked me nuts???" - Neilj.

"I'm sure I left them here last January, you can't trust anyone these days" - Kevin A.

"Well. It was there this morning" - Beryl L.

"I'm sure Santa left my pressies here" - Impy

"Oh God not that awful Michael Winner again". - James B.

Extract from the 'Manual for Edible Rodents': Evasive tactic no3: The "headless squirrel". - M.Bolton

"At the third nut the time will be" - DSM

Oh nooooooo, that was my last nut and I will not be able to get right down to the bottom. - Gill F.

I hate playing hide and seek I can never find anyone. - Gill F.

"As the BBC reveals 'Animal Hospital' is making a return, the reaction from some wasn't too encouraging." 
- Lt Columbo

"Unconfirmed reports suggest the location of Hitler's nut may have been found." - Lt Columbo

"Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?" - Natalie T.

"Did you know you can see Australia down here?" - Kevin A.

"Im Pretty sure it went down there!" - Cecilia H.

"I know I should not have eaten that last mince pie" - Brenda M.

"Eric was upset to find another Nutfest branch closed." - Linda K.

"I'm sure my nuts are down there somewhere!" - Debbie N.

"There are some very strange squirrels down here with no tails and big black noses!" - Joy W.

"Is there anybody there!!!" - Linda L.

"Must be a trunk call" - Peter K.

Am I going nuts?, I`m sure I left my goodies here.-Ronnie

"Anyone seen my nuts" - Kevin A

"There's a fantastic echo in here here here here" - Kevin A.

"Squirrel is off to sunnier climes, so he needs to pack his trunk" - Christine H.

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