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Photo Caption Competition
February 2007

Photo  Copyright 2005 Chris Edwards
Photo: Chris Edwards


"I said nothing off the top!" - Andrew D.


"Because I'm worth it!" - Deirdre H.

"Well, it's all the rage in Hockley!" Kitty

"I'm a black belt you know!" - Robin W.

"Do ya feel lucky punk?" - Gerry B.

"Eh, do you have a problem with my Scottish lineage?" - Linda G.

"Plan for today.. Hips,Thighs,Tums and Bums ?.....or the Hairdressers?" - Anne W.

"Get out of my face!" - Les B.

"Damned electric fences are everywhere." - Bill T.

Janet was not impressed with the results of the new hair straighteners she received for Christmas. - Charlotte B.

"I need another 5 minutes. I've just finished the dusting." - Linda F.

"Just watch who you're calling Punk" - Gillian J.

"One more crack about having a bad-hair-day and you get a slap... OK!" - Dave T.

There's nothing grumpier than a bird having a bad hair day! - Phil A.

"I am having a bad hair day, I can't do a thing with it!" - Linda L.

No! It's not a bad hair day! - Valerie C.

It's NOT a bad hair day -- I always look like this !! - Lucille B.

"Well I think Russell Brand looks like ME!" - Michael H.

"I've no idea what it is, but I bet Noah had a hard job finding 2 of them." - Lt Columbo

"For the last time, I haven't got your gel" - Michael H.

"Leave me alone, I'm experimenting with some hairstyles." - J. Barnard

WILDLIFE SHOCKER: "Robbie Williams reveals the source of inspiration for his hairstyle" - Tracey W.

Hen Hairier? - Glazert16

Angry at the intrusion by yet another photographer, Sheila the Shag totally blew her top! - Dave F.

For these wonderful results my Hairdresser uses Omega 3 !! - DSM.

"No I'm not wearing it for a laugh, it's my hair" - Magic Dragon

"I won't be going to that hairdresser again!" - Hedd A.

"Thank goodness I'm not a turkey!!!" - Andrew L.

Grace Jones's pet turkey. - Mick

".. and the runner-up in the Grace Jones look-a-like competition is....." - Victor B.

Some paleontologists believe that dinosaurs did not become extinct; they simply evolved into Grace Jones - Mark G.

"What do you mean you don't like it? This cost me a fortune at the hairdressers." - Gill F.

"I will be right with you after I sort my hair out ,be with you in an hour or two." - Gill F.

"You spent how much dear?" - Eve B.

"Trust me; I can deal with any bird flue problem." - Patrick S.

"I did what it said on the label, Light blue touch paper and stand back, obviously not far enough!" - Peter G.W.

Harry wasn't sure whether to go for the Mohican hair style - or the D. A.! - Victor B.

"How about " OUCH ! I've had an idea" - SteveK.

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