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Photo Caption Competition
March 2007

Photo: Beryl Ladd


"I told you to put the lid back on the super-glue." - Jamie C.


""Whoever fed us this magnetic bread's gonna pay, big time" - Lt Columbo

"Yep, mine's definitely longer than yours" - from Claire B.

"When I said take care of the Bill this isn't what I meant" - Magicdragon.

"You kiss like a fish!!" - Jon F.

Lord Duckworth introduced his bill, which effectively censored the bill previously put by Lord Quacklesby - Mark G.

"I told you not to swallow that sword. Now we'll never get it out!" - Jennifer and Peter

"If you keep sticking it into my business, I will pull it off and stick it in your ear!" - Valerie C.

"Shut your beek, or I'll shut it for you!!!" - Floris C.

"Let's see if you really are what you eat!" - Peter S.

"What do you mean 'you thought it was a banana?" - Hugh S.

"With wildlife management the expense it is these days Donald demonstrates one method to keep on top of the bills." - Dave T.

"I said, Shut your beak" - Gillian J.

OK! OK! So I'm colour blind! - DSM

GIVE ...ME...THAT... FISH or I will pull your beak off - Charmain H.

"Shuta the duck up!" - Jamie C.

"I told you to put the bill in the post." - Jamie C.

"Have you flossed today Mr. Mallard." - Jamie C.

"I'm not ready to go yet!" - James H.

"If you say- look its like water running off a ducks back, ONE MORE TIME!" - Carl.

"Its just one bill after another!" - Peter K.

"Give us a kiss!!" - Linda L.

"Shut your beak! I can't hear myself think!" - Holly O'D.

"Cue lights, cue music... when we're out together dancing beak to beak..." - Linda F.

"Oops, sorry BILL i thought you were HENrietta." - Robin W.

"Looks like a double billing today" - Jacky F.

"Landing proved slightly more difficult." - Andrew D.

"Geroff Bill." - Andrew D.

"This is taking going Dutch with the Bill too far." - Andrew D.

"Listen here Banana beak. I'm haven't finished Quacking" - Charmain H.

"NO! NO! That's not how you kiss!!!" - Neilj.

"You just keep your beak shut all that noise has sent the girls flying in every direction. Now we will have to woo them all over again if we are to find a mate." - Gill F.

"All right Duck, if there's any damage, send me the bill for repairs!" - Chris J.

"I told you bro, keep your mouth shut a leave the talking to me when the ladies come" - Simon

"PEACE Duckie! Where's that rubber band?" - Margaret A.

"I say boy hush your mouth, if your mother ever hears you talking like that!!!!!" - Will Y.

"You've been cheating on me with the local swan?...I'll peck your eyes out" - Lt Columbo

"Just checking you've got a clean bill of health" - Lt Columbo

"Rolf was positive the operation to separate the siamese ducks would be a success" - Lt Columbo

"I was on the promise of a duck tonight" - Lt Columbo

"I said I'll get the bill" - Leslie A.

"I TOLD you to keep your beak shut about that cute little duck I met on the millpond last night!" - Lucille B.

"Your getting too fat, this should help that diet." - June C.

"lt's My promise, I never live alone" - Bollimuntha V. R.

"Beak-wiet" - Ross o' F.

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