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Photo Caption Competition
May 2007

Photo: Bob Ball


"Who's lookout?" - Margie C.


"That's the cloud impression, so whats next?" - Julie H

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil - Jenny B.

Oven ready - Beryl L.

Swans meet Henry 8th - Matthew W.

Are you SURE this is where the ring fell off? - Ian W.

Auditions for the part of Headless Chick in the next Harry Potter Film - Will Y.

"Who called us headless chickens!!!!" - neilj4

"The next time someone shouts DUCK, I think we'd better take notice!" - Peter K.

We believe in getting to the bottom of things! - Jill P.

Is this what they mean by a Cignet Ring - Will Y.

"Hey guys look out there is a Rugby Team coming down here!" - Perry L

"3 unidentified suspects seen near riverbank" - Lt. Columbo

Swans 'duck' their heads down in shame - Luke

"Watch out Titanic" - Chris S.

"The baboon pulling a moony was just too much for the swans" - Stephen F.

"We just cannot wake up this morning!" - Linda L.

"Say pals, anyone remember which way is up?" - Frances D.

NO! I count to 100! you two hide! - Jackie H.

The contortionists battle it out for first place. Gill F.

"My deoderant seems ok, must be someone else." - Ann L.

"I think our plan to fool those tourists into thinking we are just a group of boulders is working" - Andrew D.

Just add a layer of cream on two of them and sandwich together. - Margie C.

"Oh George, look at that. Why do they keep letting those jets fly so low!" - Margie C.

"Now, where is the nest??" - p lo faro

"Has he gone yet?" - Margie C.

Eating too many hamburgers gives your feces strange shapes and a bizarre texture. - Aardash S.P.

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