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Photo Caption Competition
June 2007

Photo: Bill Dunlop


"Why didn't you use 'red-eye reduction'?" - Marjorie J.


Cyberdyne Systems and Skynet release the new Terminator 3000 beta version. - Steve D.

"This looks like a job for Super Mouse" - Beryl L.

"These fermented nuts really turn me on" - Pip L. F.

"Beam me up, Scottie!" Kit, Nottingham

"Oh my gosh what was in that last drink? where are my dark glasses?" - Jeni C.

"Aaaahh, what was that". - Rhys T.

"I was out of my tree last night... Does anyone know a good hangover cure?" - Mick C.

"Phew!!!!! It's only you. You scared the daylights out of me." Dave T.

"I highly recommend this bleach" - Pip L. F. 

Bright eyed and bushy tailed! - Mike P.

"Have you seen my coat?" - Olly K.

"Darned traffic lights always on red when I want to cross." - Colin K.

"I'm feeling a bit off colour today!" Angie P.

"Hey my eyes are red doesn't that count" - JRicha.

"Red eyes? Looking pale? So would you be if you had the night I had last night!" - Neilj4

"Am I in the right tree??!!!" - Linda L.

"All white at the back?" - Ashley H.

"In a State of Frenzy!" - Sacheta A.

"But those Chernobyl Nuts were on special offer" - Leigh B.

"I must stop eating the nuts from the trees in the nuclear power station, they are making me glow in the dark" - Dave H.

"What still no nuts? It's enough to make you see red!" - Sandra A.

"Well if you had eyes like mine, you'd turn white overnight too!" - Jill P.

"I dont remember climbing this tree and I feel a bit ill.... Its coming back to me I drunk so much booze, I hope I didn't make a fool of myself" - Gill F.

Bill captured the moment Cyril realised he couldn't swish his tail! - Margaret B.

"It's SHOCKING what you can see from here!" - Roslyn L.

"I'll be no......model for your photo competition" - Andy

"I'll be no tree dweller" - Mark G.

Angry squirrel says: "I can see you!" - 12626 Bodmin

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