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Photo Caption Competition
July 2007

Photo: Dean Stables


"I told you not to pick up that tube of superglue oh wise one!" - WHarri


"Its OK. Its just grey mould caused by all this rain!" - Neilj4

"I TOLD you nesting boxes don't usually have 'Hotpoint' on the front." - Clinton H.

"Who oooo turned the light on?" - Jane R.

"OK... so who ate Bill?" - Sarah W.

"Do you feel the love..." - Tanya E.

"What are we gonna do after Harry Potter is over?" - Arvind K.

The world's first Siamese Owl Chicks hold their first press conference. - Dave T.

"Keep your eyes shut - if we can't see them, they can't see us!" - Sandra T.

"See if you do that stupid Albert Steptoe impersonation behind my back, just one more time ........ JUST ONCE MORE !!" - Brian

"Waddya mean, Siamese owls? We're Thai'd to our bird's nests at this age, you ter-wit." - Leigh B.

"Must stop going out at night, i'm seeing double again!" - Terry F.

"Hey Girl do you think this Pink eyliner is me"? - Will Y.

"Bro i hate saying this but you look as Fuzzy as I feel" - Will Y.

"You are the love of my life darling" Thinks why do the girls go on about it all the time. "I know and you are the love of my life " Now maybe I can now get some sleep. - Gill F.

"He's still there I can see him, can't he take a hint it's time for bed." - Carole C.


"We can see you are photoing us" - Pip F.

"Two Heads are better than one!" - Linda L.

"I know they say that two heads are better than one... but this bloke is starting to get right up my beak!" - Geoff F.

"Well, they say two heads are better than one." - Graham J.

"Twoooooo heads are better than one!" - Debbie (tact)

"Of course we look like Batman and Robin" - Julie H.

"We look like toowoo toowits? I don't give a hoot!" - Linda F.

"Just look like we don't give two hoots bruv - He will soon go away!" - Olly K.

"You are now in a deep sleep... when i click my fingers you will think you are in a beautiful pea-green boat at sea with a pussy-cat... and you can take some honey, and plenty of money wrapped up in a five-pound note. - Leah F.

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