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Photo Caption Competition
September 2007

Photo © Copyright 2007 G. Bradley
Photo: G. Bradley


"I'm adopted aren't I" - Roy G.


Eric's prayer for a skinny bird with long legs was sadly misinterpreted by God! - Victor B.

"You come here often?" - Shery M.

"Why do I always end up with the wierdo?" - Linda F.

Oh no ! He's got that stupid fancy dress costume on again !!! - Neilj4.

"Am i missing something?" - Nick P.

"Are you sure you're not adopted?" - mothemagicdragon

"Do you think she knows she was adopted?" - Julie H.

George can't believe the results of Shirley's "make-over" day. - Anne H.

"I told you we didnít have to dress for dinner!" - Peter B.

"Unfortunately, some joker had informed Colin that it was a fancy dress event." - Kaye N.

"Thats what happens when you eat eels!" - Dave H.

"You're not from round these here parts are you?" - Paul F.

"Who told you it was fancy dress?" - Andy T.

"It said on the invitation dinner suits and he turns up looking like a damn hippy" - Dave (Moose) T.

"Hey you guy's, it's Peter Crouch the England footballer." - Ron B.

"You may say you're Michael Winner, but you still have to have a reservation to eat here" - Andrew D.

"Hmm, I think there's something fishy about that penguin" - Blulu

"Well one of them is a spy...." - Andy Addaweb

"Wait a moment! Am I in the Falklands or are you in my pond?!" - Nick + Helen L.

"Wow, you've been on Size Zero diet" - Lorraine M.

"Oh blast... I didn't realise this would be a penguin suit sort of affair" - Ruth P.

"Look's as though he put the washing machine on too hot and went all elongated... could do with an iron too". P. lo F. 

"Sorry mate! Itís Private Fishing for Emperors here!" - Trevor G.

"Perhaps our Sonny Jim will believe the ugly duckling story now." - Trevor G.

"Hey George is this evolution or just another tourist" - Jack A.

"I don't think much of Pete's new bird, do you?" - Leigh B.

"There go our property values." - Shery M.

"I haven't seen your kind around here before." - Shery M.

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 © 2006 G. Bradley. All Rights Reserved