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Photo Caption Competition
November 2007

Photo: Gwilym Thomas


"Man I look HOT" - Animta M.


""Hang on, and I'll try and get you out of there" - Robert F.

"Right - that's the lippy. Now where's me mascara?" - Linda F.

"Wing mirrors now thats a good idea!!!!" - Simon D.

"Well he said 'watch the birdie' now what?" - Simon D.

"Where did you come from, you're Sooo LOVELY!" - Dawn D.

"Hey, this new blusher's rather good, I wonder if they do beak gloss as well?" - Lizi W.

"Gosh, I KNEW I'd overdone the blusher!!" - Ellen M.

"Thought so. Too much blusher." - Eileen W.

"Love the funky hairstyle" - Marjorie R.

"You all clear this side" - Paul R.

"Hey Good Looking, do you come here often?" - Julie H.

"Chirp! Gee, I could stare at this beauty for hours..." - Mecheal W.

"This reverse parking is trickier than it looks." - Athena and Peter W.

"Some nice birds on telly these days!" - Neilj4

"OK, it's safe to overtake now" - Valerie F.

"This is not just a wing mirror, I can see my whole body in it." - Cliff D.

"Left hand down a bit!" - Steve J.

"Does my beak look big in this?" - Jeanmark

"Do you come here often?" - Norma S.

"Looking for 'Cheap' Car insurance?" - Simon M.

"Oh My! Am I handsome or what?" - Sarah P.

"Look you - there's not enough room on this manor for both of us" - Mike B.

"Here's looking at you, kid!" - Norma S.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall......No! I am the fairest of them all!" - Norma S.

"What a handsome boy I am" - Linda L.

"My bum DOES look big in this." - Ann L.

"Batman they are catching us up, take the next left" - Joanne G.

"I can see your beak moving but I can’t hear a word your saying." - Derek M.

"Mirror, Signal, Migration!" - Linda C.

"If you don't stop copying me you will live to regret it!" - Gill F.

"I have scrubbed up very well, now to go on the pull to find a mate" - Gill F.

"Hey handsome, come up an see me sometime." - Lorraine M.

"Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me?" - Steve J.

Robin Denero saying "You lookin` at me.... You lookin` at me" - Andy M.

"Are you looking at me?" - Lorraine M.

"What a gorgeous bird" - Alan R.

"I always check myself out in the WING mirror before I fly!" - Fred G.

"That's one red hot bird ;)" - Joel P.

"Mirror Mirror on the car who's the cutest bird by far???" - Lynn M.

"Hi. Sweety. Will collect you at 7pm" - Beryl L.

"Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" - Shaun G.

"I was watching Jurassic Park, and well, dinosaurs did turn into birds!" - Shaun G.

"Hello, beautiful robin! the only place i seem to bump into you is when I'm looking into this small window of lurrrve!" - Nathalie M.

"Candyman, Candyman… Candyman." - Mark H.

"That's my breast all plumped up, feathers smoothed down, now - just got to pick up those mealworms and she won't be able to resist me." - Leigh B.

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