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Photo Caption Competition
December 2007

Photo  Copyright 2007 Pat Bird
Photo: Pat Bird


Apple unveils the 'iSquirrel' - Valerie F.


Nuts! I said I wanted a PEACH TREE - not a PC." - Linda F.

...and while the mouse looks the other way, the squirrel makes a play for his nuts. - SteveK

"Oh goody,a mouse to play with." - Marjorie R.

"Junk mail sends me nuts" - Philippa lo F.

"I'm a SQUIRREL you stupid mouse!" - neilj4.

"Let's get crack'in" - Eileen K.

"If I Google my nuts will it hurt?" - Derek M.

"I think that mouse is after my nuts!" - Phil L.

"That mouse isn't eating my nuts!" - Alan R.

"Thank you, Lord, for the bounty for which I'm about to receive. Amen" - Pam D.

"I think I'll give this job application site a try. Hmmm... Will work...for...nuts." - Josie R.

"My mouse mat will never be the same again" - Linda L.

"Hey, mouse! Stay away from the nuts!" - Antonia P.

"You think that's a tail do you mouse?" - Gwilym T.

"Hmmmm. That mouse seams to click rather than squeak" - Beryl L.

"So if I click this mouse I can get onto UK Safari? Wow!" - Angela B.

"So you're the mouse that's been pinching my nuts" - Chris N.

"So you're the theiving mouse who stole my nuts?" - Mothemagicdragon

"I just hope that the mouse hasn't stolen any of my nuts" - Mary B.

"Hey! I got a payrise, another 5 peanuts." - Ron B.

"Id better eat these nuts before that mouse gets them all" - Steve K.

Sadly, we couldn't find the apples in the Apple Mac. Even the mouse was 
unwilling to exchange cheese for nuts. - Thomas K.

"I'm a bit of a technophobe myself" - Chris N.

"I know this is an Acorn computer, but how do I fit that in my tree?" - Marion W.

"I want to go for the Peanuts, but that Mouse looks scary!" - Nick P.

"For the 3rd time, I am not a mouse, I am a squirrel!" - Roy G.

"Oi, I was only joking when i said i'd work for peanuts!" - Jeantte M.

"Squirrel beaten in race for nuts, by rare mouse" - Adrian H.

"Can't be a harvest mouse it doesn't like nuts so if i sit still long enough someone comes along and presses all the right buttons" - Simon D.

"Oy mouse, leave my nuts alone!" - Ashley H.

"This Nuts website isn't quite what I expected" - Rob F.

"You pay acorns - you get squirrels!" - Jan H.

"Oh My goodness, is this what a computer mouse looks like?" - Nightjarjacky

"Do they think I'm daft! If I go onto that mat I will be turned into a plastic squirrel with my tail plugged in like the mouse was" - Dave H.

"That mouse is NOT getting my nuts, staying power or not..." - Melissa S.

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