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Photo Caption Competition
January 2008

Photo: Bob Ball


"I told you we needed sunscreen!" - Sherry M.


It's not much to look at, but the Council Tax is really cheep." - Linda F.

"Does my face look bovvered?" - Steve W.

"Can't you tidy this place up a bit" - Marjorie R.

"What are the other two waiting for?" - Sally W.

"I told you we should have used Factor 15!" - Bonny L.

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" - Alice L.

"Man, that was embarrassing!" - Mark M.

"Mine's bigger than yours!" - Valerie C.

"I told you we shouldn't have gone to that face painter, mums going to kill us now." - Rob W.

"Surely there must be someone out there who fancies two red-heads" - Steve Ke.

"I did ask you if you could smell gas before you switched the light on" - Tracy H.

"I Knew we should have worn a hat!" - Rose G.

"Could be worse... we could be chickens!" - Angela O.

"Think you used a home dye kit too" - Stanley B.

"I don't care if this is what all the other couples are wearing!!" - Beth L.

"You call this tidy? And the relatives arriving soon!!!" - Dave W.

"You only had to look at her to see she would get into trouble sooner or later…" Frances T.

"If one more bird calls me ginger, I am starting a campaign!" - Heather W.

"Ere Ethel! I dont think this fish oil contains a high enough factor, your head looks like its burning!" - Adrian H.

"Are we clones?" - from Sarah P.

My Guru says they don't know which came first the Chicken or the Egg!!!

Are you sure???? - Dennis M.

"Are you sure we're not turkeys, and it's safe to come out?" - Dot C.

"Personally I prefer blondes" - Robert F.

"Not another nosebleed?" - Valerie F.

"We will blend in, we just have to keep our heads down. No one will notice us then" - Gill F.

"Has bonfire night come back early this year, its only the first week in February?" - Gill F.

"Who came first...?" - Cynthia J.

"One egg or two, dear?" - Cynthia J.

"...I didn't lay'em so you must have!" - Ivan B.

"Didn't your egg tooth work either?" - Alan R.

"Honey, you are as beautiful as the day I married you." - Jay D.

"Well, then, who broke them?" - Herb T.

"Next time you get a bird-brained idea like warming our heads in the hot coals, leave me out of it." - Pam D.

"That new shampoo isn't all its cracked up to be" - Mark M.

"Welcome to Dollywood" - Pete C.

"With stealth, Pamela Anderson approaches the chicks" - SteveK.

"Hey man, did you just see three kids run past here? They were all carrying cans of spraypaint?" - Steve J.

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