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Photo Caption Competition
February 2008

Photo © Copyright 2004 Andy Darrington
Photo: Andy Darrington


"Hover-rabbit has you now!" - Steve J.


"Youíve never played Leapfrog before, have you!" - {;o{D}ave

"I cant do a thing with my hare" - Ashley H.

"OK, brace yourself dear!" - Derek L.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" - Kevin A.

"I'm having a bad hare day!" - Ashley H.

"Look, no hands" - Cara B.

"This leveretation is really something"! - C. Dell

"With just a bit more effort I can get my legs behind my ears." - Kevin A.

"Help! My skis have come off." - Robert F.

"When Hilda stopped suddenly she found out how cold Harolds nose really was!" - Simon D.

"Brace yourself Honey. This is going to be a Hare raising experience!" - Roly G.

"Strewth!! My feet are freezin!" - Neilj4

"Slow down dear. My feet are on fire" - Beryl L.

"Did you have to wear the same as me !!!!" - Linda L.

"Hare we go again!" - Lynn and Eddie

"Lets play leap frog until the snow goes away" - DSM

"Hurry up there's a tortoise catching us up!" - Jean G.

"Slow and steady wins the race"! - C. Dell

"Look before you leap"! - C. Dell

"So who told you it was Leap Ear?" - David W.

"I said you would get cold feet about it" - Wharri1061

Leap Frog? Nope itís Leap Y Ear! - David W.

Front hare to back hare: "Whaddya mean 'the tortoise is coming?' " - Linda F.

"Hey, c'mom, Flora, so you don't like the trick with the hat. But everyone loves the levitating hare trick!" - Josie :P

"C'mon there ! Jump to it!" - Anne W.

"Hey! I'm catching up with you. Will you be my Valentine?" - Sarah P.

"We're leaping as its leap year" - Philippa F.

"In a month we really can go mad" - Philippa F.

"Hurry up my tootsies are freezing" - Marjorie R.

"The point of leapfrog is you're supposed to stand still" - Maureen M.

"Blast! If I hadnít lost my skis I'd have caught you by now!" - Jan H.

"She sure can run fast and I am getting to old for this, my feet are freezing. I give up." - Gill F.

"Are you sure that our burrow is somewhere here, and where has all the grass gone?" - Gill F.

"Iím going to get youoooooooooooooooo" - Sonja R.

Sick of the frogs getting all the glory howard and hilda launch bunny hop. - Simon D.

Hop Skip & Jump - Barbara D.

"...and if you're very clever you can even balance on one paw..." - Ron W.

"Did you say my bum looked big from over there?" - Alan R.

"THIS TIME I'm the Hare and you can be the Tortoise" - Kevin A.

"I'm sure his dad was a kangaroo!" - Sandra T.

"Slow and steady wins the race"! - C. Dell

Two hares? It must be the top of Homer Simpson's head in close-up. - Valerie F.

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