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Photo Caption Competition
March 2008

Photo © Copyright 2008 Graham Mulrooney
Photo: Graham Mulrooney


"I think I've taken this 'green living' thing too far" - Judith B.


"Why do I climb it. Because it's there" - Mike S.

"Come on now I ordered a size small, doesn't anyone listen!" - Emma T.

"I'm coming up so you'd better get the party started". - Tony M.

"Kilroy IS here!" - Angus M.

"I can receive BBC1 and 2 from here. Now .... David Attenborough or cricket?" - Linda F.

"See - I told you it wasnít easy being green!" - Jan H.

"This place could be bugged" - David B.

"I'm supposed to mimic this!!! Get real!!!" - DSM

"Mum told me to eat up my greens and now look what has happened" - Gillian J.

"They said one great step for mankind, what about us critters?" - Jeni C.

"As part of my New Year Resolution, Iím turning over a new leaf" - Robert F.

"Iíve got to hurry to get my five-a-day" - Valerie F.

"I think my eyes were bigger then my belly!" - Lorraine W.

"Climb every (green) mountain?" - Alan R.

"wot no cricket?" - Melanie H.

"I wonder if life is greener on the other side" - Ron B.

"Well this should cover my five a day!!" - Heather W.

"What do you mean. Your not hungry?" - Neilj4.

"how can I eat all this!" - Dawn D.

"Everest...almost there!" - M. Jenkins

"The coast is clear. On the count of three, make a beeline to the next leaf. One, two...." - Pam D.

"Peek-a-boo!" - Jay D.

"This military training is for the birds!" - Sherry M.

"Right lads, don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes". - Christine R.

"It has taken me hours to climb up here to see a beautiful scenery that my friend said was stunning. I think he needs glasses ,as this is a fly tip. Oh no! its his sense of humour." - Gill F.

"She said she would meet me here, where is she hope she will still arrive. YES YES there she is waving at me with a big smile on her beautiful face. Lucky me." - Gill F.

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