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Photo Caption Competition
April 2008

Photo: Paul Rigby


"To infinity and beyooooooond!" - The Bartons


"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Supertit!" - Mark M.

"Pogo-feet, they're the latest craze!" - Richard Mc.

"Goodbye cruel world" - Angela B.

"We have lift-off" - Stella D.

"Flying? It's as easy as falling off a log!" - Lucille A.

"Wheeeeeee! I can flyyyyy... NO I CAN'T!!!" *CRASH* - Maisie B.

"Oh, ha ha, the "gluey wings" joke is the oldest April Fools' trick ever!" - Josie R.

"I suppose you think that's very funny putting superglue under my wings" - Iris S.

"Who's been playing with the Superglue?" - DSM

"Ok wise guys who superglued my wings together?" - Anita M.

"Ooooops. I forgot to connect my bungee cord" - Beryl L.

"Hope skip n away we go" - Anita M.

"Oops I shouldn't have had that last pint of lager!" - Ann N.

"Now you know why I'm Great... I don't need wings to fly!" - Ruth H.

"This is gonna hurt" - Nick P.

"Right, now all I need to work on is the RIBBIT." - C. Tanchel

"GERONIMO" - Derek M.

"Geronimo!!" - Vi B.

"GERONIMO O O O OH!!!!!!" - Peter F.

"Jeronimoooooooooo!" - Simon D.

"I just canít get this 'twist with pike' thing" - Jan H.

"Look Mom, No wings!" - Julie H.

"Wheeee! if Eddie the eagle can do it ,so can I. Yipppeee" - Heather W.

"Look mum no wings." - Roy H.

"I think I've forgotten my parachute" - Judith B.

"Flying is for wimps!" - Darren R.

"I'm walking in the Air" - Ann B.

"That's it I've had enough......I'm gonna end it all!" - Mark M.

"One Two Three ---Jump" - Barbara D.

"Great tit? Well, I suppose I do feel a bit of a fool" - Robert F.

"Whoops, this tightrope-walking isn't as easy as it looks." - Valerie F.

"Help, my wings are jammed and I'm gonna crash into that branch!" - Dawn D.

"Eddie the Eagle Edwards has nothing on me!" - Tamz C.

"Eddie the Eagle" - Angus M.

"Look Mum, no wings!" - Dave W.

"I am sure it was retract landing gear then open flaps?" - Will Y.

Mad pie - Lily R.

That Red Bull stuff really works!" - Dave W.

"Who needs Red Bull!!!" - Jo B :-)

"Adverts have too much influence on the young!" - Norma D.

"Mum said I had to do something next, what was it again? - Dave W.

"Now what was it Mum said I had to do next?" - Bill T.

"Now, I know there's something I'm supposed to do next!" - Mark M.

"What was that my Mum said about flapping my arms?" - Derek M.

"Spring is in the air" - Jayne L.

"Only a short hop for a tit Ė giant leap for the photographer." - Trevor G.

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" - Jayne L.

"One small step for bird, one giant leap for bird kind." - Lesley D.

"One small step for a Great Tit. One giant leap for bird-kind" - Derek M.

"One small step for man, one giant leap for a great tit." - Anne G.

"Who cut that branch off? It was definitely there yesterday!" - Joy W.

See, just because I've run out of branch doesn't mean I'm all of a flutter" - Gillan J.

"This is my first flight hope I am doing it right, mum and dad will be so proud of me. They are shouting at me to flap wings. Now I get it wow what great fun this is." THINKS I must make a good landing on my return to them. - Gill F.

"And here's my new ski jumping style..." - Leonel M.

"Bungeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" - Simon D.

"Gerard thought the new trampoline was great fun" - Simon D.

"Gerard thought the term human cannonball didn't sound right." - Simon D.

"I'm entering the high dive at the Beijing Olympics." - Peter F.

"uff...... I forgot to fly" - MADDI

Go take a long walk on a short pier - Helen H.

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