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Photo Caption Competition
May 2008

Photo  Copyright 2008 Bev Barker
Photo: Bev Barker


"I'm warning you.......I know Kung Fu!" - Mark Mansfield


"Stop staring at me! It's STARLING - with an 'L' " - Linda Fernandez

"And now she's looking for a downtown man... That's what I am" - Millie A.

"Up there on your Ivory Tower!" - Anne Hardwick

"Hey up Posh bird, fancy a bit of ruff?" - Jo:-)

"Leave now - and never darken my nest again" - Sandra M Taylor

"Clarissa Starling: Did you really eat his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti?" - Simon G.

"Go on, Buzz off ,you ugly brute!!" - NeilJ

"I'm squawking to you!" - Alan Ryalls

"There is no need to shout, I only asked." - Ann Beirne

"If youre the Snow Queen then Im the Iron Maiden!" - Dave Whyte

"What time do you call this to come home all dolled up, so I hardly recognise you?" - Wharri

"D O Y O U S P E A K S T A R L I N G ?" - Annifer

"I'm telling you it was a pretty wild party!" - Midge Gibbons

"I impersonate ALL Birds - what brought you here?" - DSM

"And furthermore, keep your straw out of my side of the nest!" - Herb Teitelman

"I know my place, I am upper class, I look down on him because...." - Tony Wright

Ebony and Ivory are together in perfect harmony - Robert Teager

"Ill have you know one of my relatives, Alistair, is Chancellor of the Exchequer" - Valerie Falconer

"Well, were off to the Cote d'Azur this summer" - Robert Falconer

And the wicked witch squawked to the handsome prince, " This is my patch! Stay away before I blast you to pieces!" - Richard McLean

"Whoa! baby...your cute..fancy a few slugs then back to my place... oooooh!" - Dot Carter

"I told you it was bleach but you wouldn't listen" - Jeni C.

"Well its a pigeon post, so I'm not moving!" - Charles Davis

"Looks like I'm too late for the pigeon post." - Steve Dodding

"You really never got the hang of this pigeon post thing, did ya?" - Yolande A.

"Haven't you heard of Pigeon Post?" - Charles Davis

"How did you get here, pigeon post?" - Peter K.

"Whatdya mean, I can't beat McCain?" - Rose Goode

"Don't come round here, flaunting yourself. We can't all look like models." - Liz G.

"At least talk back to me... or are you a clay pigeon?" - Philip the 1st

"for starters youre the wrong colour" - jim mcguigan

STEVE STARLING: Boomboombambambarrrbaaaarrrbarrrrbarrrrammmmmmm WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!
PETER PIGEON: Look, I'm really sorry to tell you this, but really you're only supposed to impersonate BIRDS! - Maisie.B

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