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Photo Caption Competition
June 2008

Photo: Marlene Dunlop


"Since starting to eat Activia I don't feel sluggish anymore!" - Anne Hardwick


"Those "friendly bacteria" get right up my nose." - Linda Fernandez

"Hey - If I'm bloated I get prickly" - Kirsty Ormson

"Who needs a spoon?" - Jessie Chilvers

Q.That's unusual, why is that hedgehog tucking into a yoghurt? A. Because It's run out of pot noodles. - David Taylor

"Mmmm Danone" - Kelly Petrovics

"From springwatch to celebrity fat club" - Simon Duckworth

"I know it's for slower digestive transit, what d'ya expect, I'm a hedgehog!" - Simon. G.

"Now" let's get to the "bottom" of this!" - Tom Carabine

"Oo, I do love a bit of activia bacteria regularis, keeps the old spikes know?" - James Rose

"Hmmm ......... really should get an upgrade on this mobile" - Julie Dawson

"All this bifidus stuff had better make my spines shiny." - Jan xxx

"My favourite! Porcu-pineapple flavour." - Robert Falconer

Digestive discomfort? Feeling bloated? - Tracey D.

"The advert says this can prevent feelings of sluggishness... Hmmm, doesn't work. That slug still looks appetizing." - Josie R.

"Ugh yuck this beautiful green bug tastes just like strawberry yoghurt." - Lois Mott

Of course Iím hogging it all - Valerie Falconer

"Well, they do say 1 or 2 pots a day.." - Liz Griffin

"If it's as good as the ads, it should help me get across the road faster!" - Lucille

"Yuk! Give me bad bacteria any day." - Judith Barnard

"Just putting on my make-up, won't be a tick" - Gillian Johns

"I hope this Bifidus Acti Regularis helps improve my digestion" - Ashley H.

"Well after being asleep for months some kind person has put some food out for me. Activia smells ok and I am so hungry so lets have a feast." - Gill F.

"Marvellous for the sex-drive. So I'm told!!" - Neilj.

"These spines don't make me look fat, do they?'s just a bit of digestive bloating, honest" - Alan Jones

"Oh goody full fat yogurt and friendly bacteria - roll on winter fat!" - Pam Harding

"One homemade colander, coming up!" - Stephanie Richmond

"If i keep off the cat food and eat low GI, high protein and a balence of muti grain vitamins...I'll be able to get my bum in here." - Stephanie Richmond

"worm yoghurt its a winner and healthy too" - Simon Duckworth

"Well, if you hibernated in a small enclosed space over winter, wouldn't you want to sort out your gas problem?" - Alastair Planet Patrol

"There is no such thing as a free lunch." - Howard Carter

"No, this is not big enough for my bad hair day." - Seona N.

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