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Photo Caption Competition
July 2008

Photo © Copyright 2008 Tricia Ryder
Photo: Tricia Ryder


"Let me guess, new seating arrangements." - Mrs Jay Garrett


"Alright, which smart Alecís nicked my perch?" - {;o{D}ave C

"Houston - we have a problem!" - David Birks

"Damn it there's no gravity on this side of the tree!" - Jack Dean

"Going up!" - Caroline G.

"You've been moving the furniture again!" - Gill

"Crikey, not another drive thru" - Alan Jones

"Ok, I give up, where did you put the perch?" - Graham Smith

"Third floor, going down" - Iris Skull.

"Look Ma, no wings!!" - Neilj4

"Boing" - Jonathan Porter

"Do excuse me Ė these peanuts give me gas!" - Ü Dave Whyte

"Just dropping by to say..." - Linda F. 

"Robin was one step ahead of the competition with his invisible perch." - Kevin Moore

"Okay- so it's going to be one of those days." - Liz from Christchurch

"Am I the only one without a trampoline in my back garden?" - Jo West

"Who said itís a lot less bovver when you hover ?" - Jan H.

"WHERE'S THAT PERCH!" - Sandra M Taylor

"Droll Yankees launch the invisible feeder." - Kitty P.

"Ladies and gentlemen, on the left is the standard Goldfinch model and on the right the new vertical takeoff model." - Barry Roffey 

"When i said drop by, I didn't mean it literally" - Tim Johnson

"Help, Where's my parachute gone?" - Linda L.

World's first trampolining Goldfinch fails to impress! - Fungalpunk Dave

"H-E-L-P Put the darned perch back at once!" - Perry Lambert

"There he goes again free falling, trying to impress me, what an idiot." - G.French 

"HA!! Who needs Red Bull?Ē - Ü Dave Whyte

"James Bond's RB 2000 Back Pack's got nothing on this great new invention from Bird Brains: Thunderbirds are go" - LVJulian

"Damn those updrafts!!!" - Christine Robertson 

Old Harrier Jump jet finally replaced by new Goldfinch version! - Simon G.

"Will you stop swimming? Youíre a goldfinch, not a goldfish." - Robert Falconer

"Itís OK on this side Ė you canít feel the Hoover here at all." - Valerie Falconer

"Alright, own up, who told him it was tea break?" - Roger Sidebotham

"Damm, I lost my seeded position again!" - Judith Barnard

"Come and have a go on this trampoline it's great" - Nev F.

"Weeee......trammmmp.........oliiiiiiiine" - Steve King

Gerry does his best to imitate a Harrier Jump Jet but still fails to impress Bert! - Ian B.

"You've had your breakfast - now move over and let someone else have a look in". - Mike Skinner

"Well that's strange my wings have gone in and looking for the platform, and oh my gosh where has it gone? Help please! " - Emma T.

"I thought that I would just drop by to see you" - Annifer

"Who said you need wings to fly?"- Philippa Lo Faro

"If humans think they can make nests in plastic poles for us they had better think again." - Philippa Lo Faro

"Bird Seed - You don't need wiiings!" - Adam Tabret

"How the dickens can we get a good swing on this now that some one has removed the perch?" - Beryl Ladd

"Air Traffic Control to Bird, Mayday, mayday. Abort landing and make a fly pass. I repeat, make a fly pass. We will redirect you to another landing strip momentarily. Over." - Pam Diamond

"Yeeha, look no wings" - Ian Marr

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